I scorched my carpet with an iron, how to make it look better?(I'm in big trouble w/ the landlord now Help pls

Its about 4 inches diameter, I droppped the iron from the ironing board and it was hot enough to cause damage. I dont know what to do, any inexpensive solutions? thank you guys!

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4 Responses to “I scorched my carpet with an iron, how to make it look better?(I'm in big trouble w/ the landlord now Help pls”

  1. DeeDee says:

    clip or cut off the scorched part of the carpet. Then either snip or cut som fuzz from a part of the carpet, like behind a door or in a closet, and then use a good clear drying glue to adhere it over the scorched place. It will be less noticeable.

  2. sunnied001 says:

    I have bad news for you. My family has worked in flooring installation for years and the only way to fix melted carpet is to replace it or cover it with a rug. Don’t feel too bad I have done it myself. But yeah hopefully the room isn’t too big otherwise it could be pricey. The sad part is that if you don’t fix it your landlord can take the amount it took to fix out of your deposit, so if I was you I would offer to have it fixed. You might want to go with the landlord to pick out the carpet because you don’t want them to choose the most expensive but they own it so they get to approve the visuals of what they would like in their apartment. Sorry, hope this was helpful.
    P.S. Shop around for prices on carpet and installers.

  3. Kevin C K says:

    Depend on the texture and design of the carpet that you have, you will have to replace the area that you have damaged. Any good carpet layer should be able to repair that area for a resonable price. good luck. P.S. ask your landlord if he has a scrap piece large enough to replace the damaged area most likely he will have a piece. Most landlords are fair and reasonable when accidents happen, just ask them and they might have the skillls to repair it themselfs.

  4. jazz564v says:

    I have the same problem. My landlord claims he paid $1,300 for the carpet. LOL. The carpet is cheap, if all you did was drop the iron on the rug and it burned (melted). I asked my landlord about cutting out a section and replacing it and he said that wouldn’t work because it’s all one piece. Upon further investigation, the carpet is in several pieces.
    The person who suggested to cut out a piece of carpet and glueing it, is your best alternative. Ask for a receipt from the landlord, to prove the price of the carpet, if it comes to that.

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