How to get clothes unwrinkled (without using an iron)?

My wife and I are younger, and never grew up ironing clothes — for this reason, we have a certain aversion to doing so now. Is there any other quick and effective way to get wrinkles out of clothes without having to set up the ironing board and iron? I’ve considered a home steamer, but not sure how effective that would be.

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  1. Anglo 409 says:

    Most, if not all, clothing these days are "no iron." That means the heating, then cooling down cycle in your dryer removes wrinkles. Assuming you have a dryer, put a wet washcloth in the dryer with the item and run it on mild cycle. Most wrinkles will come out.

    If you don’t have a dryer and don’t have easy access to a laundromat, you can get a bit of success by hanging the item on your shower rod, running your shower on as hot as it goes until the room steams up. (Turn off shower.) Close the bathroom door and leave the item for about an hour and it will get it fairly wrinkle free.

  2. asker answerer says:

    I heard some where that if you hang your clothes up in the bathroom when you shower, the steam should some how unwrinkle them!

  3. LilaLo says:

    hang them to dry.

    a straightening iron (for your hair) works just as well as an iron. just don’t set it to high.

    best of luck.

  4. Emmy says:

    Use the steam of your shower for light objects of clothing. It works like MAGIC! Just hang the item up in the bathroom while you take a shower and the wrinkles melt away. I wouldn’t invest in a home steamer. They take a long time to learn how to use and are frankly not work it. :-)

  5. Watermelon Head says:

    Hang up and use shower steam

  6. ? says:

    Put them in your clothes dryer on a low heat setting for 5 or 6 min.

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